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There are 2 ways to Order

Order 1: Either Fill out the Quick Jingle/Audio Form and follow the Steps below.

Order 2: For more specific Audio/Jingles or Tracks just email us at info@projingle.com or call us on 01206 700101

Quick Jingle/Audio Form Instructions.

Step 1:  Input your details

Step 2: If a script is required then make sure you fill this field out. Leave blank if not required.

Step 3: Make sure you type in as much details as possible. For example. How  do you want the clip to sound? What's it going to be used for? This will help us achieve the best possible results.

Step 4: Do you want Sound Effects? Leave blank if not required.

Step 5: Do you want Effects to the Vocals? Leave blank if not required.

Step 6: Do you want Music? Leave bank if not required.
Step 7: Click on " Try before You Buy" (See Below) or " Place Order" (Quick Method)

What is " Try before you Buy"? 

" Try Before You Buy" means exactly that.  Although a slower process then "Place Order" you will have the comfort of knowing what your audio will sound like before you pay. Due to the Popularity of this option a deposit may be applied depending on the Audio requested. We will send you a copyrighted clip of the audio produced for you to hear. Once you are happy and payment has been made then we will send you the full and final version of the audio you requested.

Quick Jingle / Audio Form

For more detailed Jingles and Audio, please contact us.

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